About Us

Dr. Kaae Online, is and online educational site for the learning mind and pest control industry. With decades of experience, Pat and Richard Kaae have traveled the world doing research and educational classes, to further the Pest and Pest Exterminator knowledge of environmental and health issues. 

As a retired educator at Cal Poly Pomona, Dr Kaae had one of the most popular classes at the University. Starting with 15 people in a class, then soon outgrowing the largest hall available at the university, Dr. Kaae moved to online education platform to meet the demand. 

Now after years of university level education, Dr. Kaae is now online serving the Pest Control Industry with Education, Testing and Certification. 

Online services offered:

  • Online Pest Educational cources
  • Pest Control Education & Certification

Dr Kaae Online Pest Education and Certification